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We realise there is a lot for you to remember and we need everyone on board to help us ensure everything runs smoothly. Due to increased cleaning schedules it is necessary that times are adhered to. 

So here are the most important things to remember:

  • We ask all parents to maintain a 2 metre distance while waiting.
  • We need to keep arrival and departures as brief as possible. For our children this is working very well, they are able to settle more quickly and staff are able to be with them to support their play for more of the time. IF YOU NEED TO COLLECT EARLIER THAN USUAL ON A PARTICULAR DAY PLEASE INFORM US AT DROP OFF OR BY CALLING US.
  • IMPORTANT REMINDER – We are a no smoking site, (Including the outside of the building) We ask all parents to respect this and refrain from smoking or vaping outside Little Gems.

What to bring:

  • Plastic reusable shopping bag. These are usually available at till points at many shops at approx £1. 
  • Inside the bag we ask you to pack the following:
  • A named water bottle
  • A named plastic snack tub stored separately from their lunch box and containing a healthy snack that is already prepared/opened in order for us to not need to handle it.
  • A named plastic lunch tub/box (no fabric please). Containing a healthy lunch which children can independently access themselves (please open packets, and fold them over, peel oranges etc. We are having to continually open things for some children and we have to wash or sanitise our hands between doing so for each child. The children are enjoying being independent so please help them. Please ensure cocktail sausages and grapes and cut lengthwise for safety (to avoid choking).
  • A named small bag like a small rucksack (wipeable and not fabric) containing changes of clothes should they get wet from water play and nappy changing items. We will then be able to easily grab this bag when we need it with no need to rummage through their other belongings.
  • Please add their named coat (and wellies when needed)

We appreciate you may need to invest in some different bags or lunch boxes but the wipeable type will help you keep your child safe at this time.

What if my child is ill or unwell or anyone in my family is unwell? 


If your child has any of the following symptoms they need to get a test and self isolate until the test returns negative or if a test is not sought they need self isolate for 10 days, and the rest of the household for 14 days:

  •  A new continuous cough
  •  A high temperature
  •  A loss of or change in their normal sense of taste or smell
  • We also understand that symptoms in children can include sickness and diarrhoea and a rash.

If anyone in your household develops any of these three symptoms they will need to self isolate for 10 days and the rest of the household will need to for 14 days. If your child becomes unwell and shows any of these symptoms whilst at pre-school you will be called to collect them. We will isolate them from the rest of group and the staff member with them is required to wear PPE whilst caring for them and whilst waiting for them to be collected.

We follow all guidelines from PH England and we contact them with suspected or confirmed cases as necessary and we follow their advice/instructions.
Please be honest and help us keep the pre-school safe for our families. We fully appreciate that it is very frustrating if your child has to miss pre-school in these circumstances but it is essential we take all these guidelines very seriously.


Little Gems children should not be attending another early years provider at this time. 

Please keep communicating with us if you have any worries. We are happy to come outside to speak  to you before collecting your child. Just ask us when your drop them off or give us a call. Otherwise please email. It will be more challenging to keep our communication going well, but if we adapt to do it in different ways at this time I am sure we can keep it going well.

With thanks as always for your full support,
The Little Gems team x

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